Past activities

09/06/2015: reading session
– Maurizio Lazzarato: chapter 1 from Signs and Machines
– Maurizio Lazzarato: excerpts from The Making of the Indebted Man
– Gilles Deleuze: Postscript on the Society of Control

27/05/2015-29/05/2015: International Conference Immunity and Modernity: Picturing Threat and Protection
– Keynote lectures by Roberto Esposito, Bracha L. Ettinger, Arne De Boever and Johannes Türk
– Doctoral seminar with Bracha L. Ettinger
– Exhibition  ]Un[folding Immunity in the central library

13/05/2015: reading session
– Roberto Esposito: “The Enimga of Biopolitics” from Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy
– Roberto Esposito: “Immunization and Violence” from Terms of the Political
– Roberto Esposito: excerpt on biopolitics from Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life

04/04/2015: reading session
– Nikolas Rose: The Politics of Life Itself
– Didier Fassin: Another Politics of Life is Possible

09/03/2015: reading session
– Michel Foucault: last chapter from Society Must Be Defended
– Michel Foucault: last chapter from The History of Sexuality vol. 1: The Will to Knowledge

23/02/2015: first meeting

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